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Creative Services

Interactive Content - creation of compelling content for training, education, testing or consumer engagement

Website Development - building websites from the ground up including art direction, graphics, copyrighting, animations, videos, interactive content, applets, online forms, custom logins and client managed content

Webcasting - customized web-based communities, social-networking sites, video-sharing sites, wikis and blogs in order to achieve defined marketing goals

Copywriting - professionally outlining, researching, collecting, organizing, writing and editing text content for websites, brochures, reports, white papers and case studies

Graphic Design - professional creation of visual elements for print, Internet or other marketing tools

Animation - 2D and 3D animation for websites or other marketing purposes

Video Production - writing, producing and editing promotional, educational or entertainment videos, TV commercials, reality TV, documentaries, music videos and feature films

Music Production - composing, performing, mixing, editing of music in multi-track digital studio or on-location

Videogame Production - online, console or mobile device games for individual or multi-player

Photography - product, event, fashion, portrait, modeling in studio or on-location