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Zukor Marketing is a full-service, tech-savvy marketing firm dedicated to the complete success of its clients. Founded in 2004, Zukor serves blue-chip clients nationwide, from Dial’s Right Guard to Novartis and Ryder. Zukor’s special emphasis is creating high-impact website content to meet marketing objectives, plus the full range of digital marketing, including search engine optimization.


Samuel Turcotte - Owner & General Manager

Zukor Marketing is managed by marketing and digital media expert Samuel Turcotte whose business, technology and creative prowess has been built and proven through a 25-year career covering clients from Hollywood to Wall Street. He and his work have been chronicled in The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Ad Age, Variety, IEEE Journal, USA Today and other publications.

A 12-year Silicon Valley veteran from both before and after the dot com era, Turcotte managed digital media marketing efforts for 7 years at Sun Microsystems (now a division of Oracle), and held key marketing positions at Silicon Graphics Computer Systems (SGI) during its heydays in the mid-90s. He also proudly served in the United States Air Force at The Air Force Institute of Technology at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

Turcotte has a MBA in Marketing, a MA in Communications/Advertising and a BS is Radio-TV-Film from The University of Texas at Austin. He personally trained former President George Bush, Sr. how to use the Internet, along with over 250 other world leaders and Fortune 500 executives.